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    2017 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival (KSAF) - The Hero Academy Print
      Update Time:2017-06-23 15:12

    Created by Wei Wu-Ying and the KSAF, with invited collaboration from live musicians and young actors trained by Taiwanese opera masters, along with a strong production team, The Hero Academy is a brand new teen opera production. The story revolves around Ling-Fei and Tian-You, two hotshots of the underworld police academy who, on the day before the school breaks for summer, help out a girl (by the name of Siao-Yun) in danger, a performer from an opera troupe, and who then accidentally find themselves involved in a force against the Demon of Darkness. An adventure of hot young bloods roaming between the dead, the living and the demons thus begins.

    About 90 min. without intermission

    Publishing UnitBureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government

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