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    2016 Cycling in the Wind Kaohsiung Print
      Update Time:2016-12-16 10:39

    2016 Cycling in the Wind Kaohsiung

    The 2016 Cycling in the Wind Kaohsiung will soon kick off. On the weekends from October 15 to November 13, 2016, ten cycling tours which follow six thematic routes will be held. The participants can expect to enjoy the major scenic spots in greater Kaohsiung and even some fun DIY classes.
    The routes are as follows: Lotus Lake of Love River, Linyuan Coastlines, Coastal Qieding, Dashu - Gaoping River, Qishan – Xizhou, and Hakka Meinong. Professional guides will accompany the cyclists along the way and share stories about the places. The DIY classes include making “onion paper” in Linyuan, making bricks in Sanhe’s brick kilns, riding sampans in Eren River, and the one-and-only canoe-building session, which are all worth being explored with family and friends.
    All members of the public are encouraged to take part. Each registered participant will get a limited-edition “Kaohsiung Bear” iPass with an NT$50 value in it. For more information, please visit the activity website at