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    Intelligent Bus Stop – A New Eye-catching Landmark in Sizihwan Has Its Romantic Debut Print
      Update Time:2016-12-09 16:40

    To enhance the intelligent public transport environment in the Asia New Bay Area, Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau has striven for MOTC’s subsidy to renovate the service functions of the Sizihwan bus stop. The work was completed on November 8. The novel design has made it a landmark at the attraction. The cozy waiting space offers free 4G WiFi, free phone charging service, and travel and sightseeing information is also provided with the new energy-saving technology of e-paper. The bus stop designed in a special white folded plate appearance appears as a large public art, and it is very eye catching and romantic. It attracts lovers and newly-weds as an excellent photography hotspot. The intelligent and novel design has won riders’ and travelers’ appreciation.

    The Transportation Bureau stated that Sizihwan is a sunset watching hotspot in Kaohsiung City, with increasing numbers of bus riders. The original bus stop has rusted and the waiting space and services were not up to standard. In order to enhance the overall public transport waiting environment, a new bus stop was designed and renovated in concert with the surrounding mountainous and oceanic environment and sightseeing characteristics. The white folded plate appearance and the starlight effect lighting at nighttime echo with the romantic imagery. Apart from the bus route and dynamic information system, the bus stop also comes with free WiFi and phone charging function. At the same time, in collaboration with E Ink Holdings Inc., the Bureau has made the first bus stop in Taiwan with the latest energy-saving e-paper technology for display of dynamic tour service information, providing bus riders with convenient service and creating a quality public transport waiting environment at the sightseeing area.

    Kuo Yao-Sheng, President of the Wedding Photography and Design Development Association of Kaohsiung, said Sizihwan is the top destination of a Kaohsiung tour for many lovers. The bus stop not only serves as a place to wait for buses, it has now also been turned into a characteristic sightseeing landmark, where lovers would take photos. It makes bus waiting a romantic act.

    Creating an eco-mobility environment is a policy that the city government has been vigorously promoting, said Director-general Chen Ching-Fu of Transportation Bureau. The bus stop is designed as a piece of public art in concert with the surrounding environment, and new technology and energy-saving technique are incorporated to improve the multiple service functions of the bus stop, so that the elements of bus and travel are combined to shape a new imagery for public transport and sightseeing in the Asia New Bay Area.

    Meanwhile, the Transportation Bureau revealed that from now on until the Christmas Day this year, lovers going to Sizihwan on the West Line Express may take photos with the installation art of the romantic theme, give a “Like” on the South Taiwan Bus Facebook fan page, and upload the photos for the Christmas Month Feature Event, and then they will get two professional photography packages from wedding dress companies. Besides, the first 50 participants who show the uploaded photos at the wedding dress company will get a romantic gift. Let’s make bus riding a happiness-filled journey.

    Source:Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City