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    Organization Structure of District Office is as follows
    * 1 District Mayor, 1 Chief Secretary; includes9.divisions:  Civil Affairs Division,, Office of Accounting and Statistics, Construnction Division, Civil Service Ethics Division, Military Service and Disaster Prevention Section, Social Welfare Division, Personnel Divison, Administrative Department,, Nursery school

    Organization Tree

    Civil Affairs Section *
    Self-government, election, mediation administration, land administration, health insurance, community administration, burial and cemetery management, environment and health, compulsory education, civil defense and aboriginal affairs, and other matters related to civil affairs.
    ! Economic Development Section *
    Market, industrial & commerce, weights and measures, finance & tax, witness & notarization, public works, public utilities, agriculture, forestry, fishery and farming survey, agricultural promotion, regeneration of farm villages, and maintenance of road lights.
    ! Military Service and Disaster Prevention Section *
    Military service, national guard management, conscription, military duty and reserve force management.
    ! Social Affairs Section *
    Social welfare, labor administration, cooperative business, social relief, disaster relief, social movement, employment guidance, community development and guidance to civil organizations.
    ! Secretariat *
    Research, development and evaluation, official seal, paperwork, archiving, general affairs, laws & regulations, information management, cashier, meeting, convenient services, and any matters other than those handled by the other sections/offices.
    ! Accounting Office *
    Processing of budgets, accounting and statistics pursuant to laws.
    ! Personnel Office *
    Processing of personnel management matters pursuant to laws.
    ! Government Ethics Office *
    Processing of government ethics-related matters pursuant to laws.