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    Civil Affairs Section(ext. 112)
    * Civil defense, religion and folk customs, public productive enterprise, self governance and administration, village affairs, funeral services, land administrations, educational, cultural and sports activities
    Economic Development Section
    * Jurisdiction over the roads of Niaosong Township, urban planning land usage zoning certificate, non farming house certificate, electric cord/pylon damage assessment due to disaster, streetlight electricity subscription, existing legal architecture certificate, agricultural land certificate, agricultural machinery operating certificate, agricultural machinery driving certificate, swine fever preventative lethal injection compensation, installation of water pump or rice dryer.
    Military Service Division
    * Recruiting, organization, services, management, substitute military service, volunteer soldiers, military service practice information
    Social Welfare Division
    * Senior citizens welfare, mid to low income household welfare, welfare for physically/mentally disabled people, women’s birth grant, women, children and youth welfare, home violence prevention center, schooling district profile, various scholarship self governing regulations for universities, senior/junior high schools and elementary schools in Niaosong Township of Kaohsiung County, Niaosong Township senior citizens leisure activity center, Niaosong Township volunteer service team, national pension, township citizens’ chartered bus, lone senior citizens’ nutritional lunch delivery service self governing regulation



    * Niaosong Township janitor, technician, driver and sanitary temporary workers’ job regulation, SOP for national compensation, archive management, janitor management, temporary employee management
    Civil Service Ethics Division
    * Prevention and discovery of government official fraud, process reporting and investigation of fraudulent government officials, appraisal for punishment or rewarding of government officials with administrative responsibilities, maintenance of confidentiality, promotion, investigation and disciplining of divulgence of secrets, maintenance of safety of government facilities and assist in processing of pleading and petitions, other affairs of investigation ordered by the chief of government agencies or superior agencies, Department of Government Employee Ethics, Ministry of Justice, processing of pleadings, petitions, reporting of fraudulent affairs etc
    Personnel Office
    * Structuring and appointment, appraisal for reward or discipline, employee welfare, attendance management, retirement corner, psychological health, lifelong learning, other promotions
    Accounting Office (ext.319)
    * Processing of budgets, accounting and statistics pursuant to laws.
    * Loaning of books, photocopying service, Internet searching and printing, art and cultural research and study, class visits, online searching of books or periodicals, good book recommendations
     (Nursery) Day Care Center
    (TEL: 886-7-7335910)
    *Cultivate children in the township